Pondok Pesantren on The Picture

THIS represent some of my photo story photograph the activity santri (strict adherent of Islam) in Pondok Pesantren Langitan, Widang, Tuban, East Java, Indonesia.
Education system applied one of them is non clasical use the method wethon or bandongan and sorogan.
Method wethon or bandongan is a worship model whereabout a kiai or ustadz read off and formulate/explaination the obstetrical content of kitab kuning (book yellow) whereas pupil or santri listen and give meaning.
As for system sorogan is go into effect on the contrary that is santri or pupil read while kiai or ustadz listen at the same time give the correction, needed direction or comment.
This method is both of the same having of important value and distinguish the emphasis of understanding a science discipline, both is equiping each other one another.

All photograph by: Mohammad Solihin

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