The MIPES Indonesia

Digitising Islamic manuscripts of Indonesian Pondok Pesantren or MIPES Indonesia is effort to save manuscripts of Islam in Indonesian Pondok Pesantren. Such as those which have been known, Pondok Pesantren are traditional Islamic schools that since their establishment have become centres for Islamic learning and the dissemination of Islamic knowledge in Indonesia, where Islamic knowledge is taught formally and Islamic values are practised daily. Their role as institutions of Islamic learning and centres for the dissemination of Islamic teaching in Indonesia can be clearly seen from their manuscripts.
The MIPES Indonesia introduced by Mr. Amiq (the institute for study of religion and society) representing term destined for the Manuscript of ( written Book by handwriten) to explain, to interpret Islam teaching which have expanded in Indonesia since this religion is introduced in region of Nusantara and still on file in pondok pesantren. Some MIPES Indonesia are copies of 'Yellow Books' (Kitab Kuning, a term referring to Islamic works printed on yellowish paper), such as Jawhar al-Tawhid, Hidayat al-Sibyan, Kitab Taqrib, Kitab Sittin Mas'ala etc.
The project of MIPES Indonesia which fund by The British Library is conducted in three pondok pesantren in three Kabupaten in East Java province. That is Kabupaten Tuban at Pondok Pesantren Langitan, in Kabupaten Lamongan at Pondok Pesantren Tarbiyya al-Thalabah. And at Pondok Pesantren Tegal Sari in Kabupaten Ponorogo. Those three locations because large manuscript collections and as most of the collection is seriously damaged. The purpose of this project is to preserve Islamic intellectual heritage in Indonesia. All the Islamic manuscript collections photographed by digital camera by photographer Mohammad Solihin, S.Sos. (Its me) and woman photographer.

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