How Treatment of Manuscripts

The treatment of manuscript which have tens or hundreds even thousands of year, it's not easy. Need big willingness to try preserve manuscript besides procedural knowledge take care of real correct. Such as those which I know to treatment of manuscript ( though its information only a few) there are some way of, that is:
  1. Clean manuscript of dirt sheet by sheet with soft paintbrush ( don't forget to close nose with masker).
  2. Keep in cupboard with manuscript position face up with inclination 30-45 degree. ( its book position not heel aside).
  3. Don't keep manuscripts by heaping.
  4. Take care of cupboard temperature with giving lamp 5 watt..
  5. Give clove, so that not be eaten by white ants and wrapped charcoal with white cloth to permeate damp air.
So, that's tips how to take care of manuscript which I know. Even a little, useful hopefully to save Islam manuscripts especially in Indonesia. If there are any more knowing information about how to take care of manuscrips, please, give me information. FOR SAVING MANUSCRIPT of ISLAM from DESTRUCTION.

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Muhammad Mawhiburrahman said...

wah, ini yang harus saya kasih tahu ma orang rumah agar bisa ngrawat yang kayak ginian...